New York

InTouch Capital Markets

‘Market intelligence for traders & brokers’

InTouch Capital Markets Ltd provides institutional level financial market information, specialising in the Fixed Income, STIRs and the major Macro Markets.

ITCM was founded in 2004 to provide flow and market intelligence to our clients. The firm was originally founded, and is still run, by a team of former bank traders, brokers & portfolio managers.

As the financial world moves away from the old system of pit trading and towards fully electronic markets, information about what is driving the markets (institutional activity, large trades, new issuance, trader chatter, rumours, etc) at any time has become harder to obtain. ITCM has developed a very wide, global network of contacts at major & regional banks, brokers and funds. Through constant dialogue with our contact base we seek to fill this information gap.

We offer 5 product areas:

- ITC Markets Fixed Income and STIRs: written product; time sensitive & market moving market intelligence

- ITC Markets Training, Intelligence and Consultancy:- understanding market drivers; from advanced institutional traders to graduate training.

- InTouchFX: written product; time sensitive & market moving market intelligence on Foreign Exchange markets.

- ITC PurePlay: Model based approach that identifies and removes the Beta from any market position. This model can be applied to FX, Fixed Income, Equities and Commodities markets.

- ITC CRVM: Computational Relative Value Matrix is a relative value model to enhance the ability of portfolio managers to invest in European Government Fixed Income.