New York

Fixed Income Market Intelligence

The company’s staff are all extremely experienced market professionals who know how to filter out the more dubious information that is passed on to you, by cross checking the information with other market contacts. We are not interested in people trying to ramp the market one way or the other for short- term gains. We are about providing genuine information to help traders, brokers and asset managers make sensible and informed trading decisions.

Service includes:

- Timely, intraday market coverage of Fixed Income market, street talk, positioning and financial intelligence on a rapid, real-time basis helping to keep you ahead of the curve

- Reports on market drivers likely to influence the price action in fixed Income bonds and rates, such as convexity and exotic hedging needs, supply, duration extensions and asset allocations

- Full coverage of Central Bank liquidity events such as ECB MRO, LTROs and their impacts on the curves, money markets and STIRs

- Research on Primary markets, auctions and corporate issuance likely to impact Fixed Income markets and curves on an intraday basis

- Analysis and economic forecasting of Global Debt markets, easy to read previews and instant interpretations of G7 economic data and Central Bank news

- Previews and Reviews of key Central Bank meetings provided with market analysis (positioning) and market scenario analysis (potential market impacts)

- Daily and Weekly Global Economic and Government supply calendars

- ECB, BoE and Fed cheat sheets, data produced to monitor key official speakers and their stances

- Technical Analysis of the major Fixed Income markets, key levels from several time frames and timely alerts on approaching price levels. The technical outlook is supported by analysis of trend indicators and studies of the volume and open interest- vital filters for any technical analysis.

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