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InTouchFX was was formed to complement and enhance the existing ITC Fixed Income Markets product. In addition to the written and audio services in fixed income, we now offer complete coverage of FX markets, concentrating on Institutional level FX market information

InTouchFX has a broad of range of experience upon which to draw, including both buy and sell side knowledge in both sales and trading,  portfolio management experience, quantitative and macro research.

With FX becoming ever more liquid and ever more automated, market participants  are finding it harder to obtain clear and focused information on what is driving FX markets. In Touch FX has developed a wide ranging global network of contacts from whom to source and analyse flow, trade recommendations, macro and quantitative research, technical trading information and all other levels of real time market colour, and it is this information that we provide on a real time basis to our client base.

InTouchFX works in close collaboration with the ITC PurePlay product to provide clarity and focus to all developed and emerging FX markets, and will identify the driving factors to assist our customer base approach trades with confidence and broad based understanding.