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Professional Market Training Seminars

ITCM Training specializes in training market participants on the intricacies of the market drivers and their implications. We continuously update our courses to present market conditions, to make them relevant and enhance the learning experience.

Courses are presented by market experienced professionals (Ex-Lehman/AP2/ATP Government Bond trader, RBC Exotic Structurer) to groups at the client’s premises. Furthermore, training participants, have access to supplementary webinars to integrate and consolidate their learning experience.

In addition to the courses listed below, we can also provide tailor made presentations to suit individual groups.

Courses are divided in three categories: Basic, Advanced Courses and Current Topical Issues

Although courses can be selected on an individual basis, a curriculum for specialized groups, is also recommended. Click here to request more information or are interested in arranging a group seminar.


Market Participants, Time Value of Money, Coupon Bonds and their Properties, Term Structure of Interest Rates, Futures, Swaps, Options, Credit Market, Economic Indicators, Basic Repo, Inflation, Basic Trading.
Central Banks and the Money Creation Process. Federal Reserve and the US. ECB and Europe. BOE and UK. Primary Markets. Bond Indices and Extensions. Mortgage Bonds and Convexity. Exotics. Trading and Cash Management. Economic Indicators. Options Advanced Futures. Advanced Interest Rate Swaps.
Basel lll: Change in capital adequacy ratios, effect on bank balance sheet FED, ECB and the Banking Crisis: OMO, Full Allotments, LTROs, QE: Different responses by different Central Banks. Peripheral Crisis in Europe: Greece, Ireland, Portugal and the changing dynamics of European debt. FED and Exit Strategy: Reverse Repos, CDs, MBS portfolio, Treasuries, Interest on excess liquidity.

Understanding the Basics and laying down the necessary foundation to prepare yourself for a career in the Fixed Income Financial markets. Series of courses specifically selected towards bringing new graduates and interns up to speed in financial markets.

Combining trading strategies with managing your risk to optimize profitability and remove psychological pitfalls. Covering all the material from basic trading, advanced trading and important market drivers.

Optimizing trading strategies for your clients needs and making prices around market events. Understanding the different instruments and tools available to their clients to optimize their trading strategies with special emphasis in understanding the different drivers of the Fixed Income market.

From the theory of Portfolio Management to the mechanics of running an actual Portfolio. With special emphasis in managing a real money portfolio versus an index.