New York

ITC PurePlay – Separating Alpha from Beta

ITC PurePlay Ltd applies advanced computational methodologies to financial markets in order to provide traders with visualization tools for alpha trade idea identification, across two products.

-PurePlay FX eliminates market beta risk from liquid macro instruments in FX, and shortly, Commodities and Equity Indices so that traders may identify when currencies and other macro instruments are trading well or badly, independently of the volatility of the market. It also allows for optimal hedging of beta, and optimal positioning for specific risks which a trader desires.

Note: The PurePlay indices are analogous to the DXY in that they track the performance of each single currency, rather than being affected by two different currencies as in traditional cross rates. They are implemented for 27 currencies around the world, developed and emerging. They use advanced statistical techniques to isolate specific risk for each currency against mathematically analysed selection of global cross rates. As such, users can find trades more easily, focusing on each country’s alpha, since beta-adjusted PurePlay indices move only on one country’s specific risk (though that could include flow risk as well as macro and policy risk). Moreover, they are tradable via the USD pairs provided at the bottom of each PurePlay currency chart. The diamond shaped summary chart provides a hierarchy of beta-adjusted currency charts, ordered by how well each PurePlay index is trading, as defined by emerging trend formation, and is designed as an easy snapshot of the important moves in the FX markets. The individual PurePlay currency charts provide more indepth data.