InTouch Capital Markets provides institutional level information about the financial markets.  Founded in 2004, ITC Markets is run by a team of former bank traders, brokers and portfolio managers based in London and New York.

ITC Markets provides specialist products focussed on Fixed Income & STIRs, FX and Central Banks that are used by traders and sales professionals at most major banks, brokers and proprietary trading houses.  Our strengths are the experience and quality of our team, our wide network of contacts and our technological investments that allow us to provide colour and insights on breaking market events that can’t be found anywhere else.

ITC Markets’ mission is to add colour and insight back into the markets which became more opaque as they moved away from the old system of pit trading towards electronic trade.  Market professionals are overloaded with news and data but insights into what is really driving the markets are often difficult to obtain.  ITC Markets fills that gap, collecting and filtering through the information swamp and combining it with views from our contact base and our own analysis to provide a distilled view.

Our core product suite currently has four offerings:

InTouch Fixed Income: written, intraday, time sensitive, coverage of Global Bonds, IR Swaps, Futures/Options & Repo

InTouch FX: written, intraday, time sensitive, coverage of FX Markets

EconoStream: Central bank analysis, tools & media

Intelligence & Consultancy: training on market drivers, real-world economics, politics and their market implications

ITC Markets started in 2004 focused on only the Fixed Income Markets but popular demand from our clients resulted in our expansion into other asset classes. This expansion will continue in the future and we look forward in bringing you Equities and Commodities coverage in the next few years.

We also provide a range of free market updates and tools