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Market Intelligence & Consultancy

Market Intelligence & Consultancy offers a team of market experts to consult on market conditions and train traders, brokers and analysts. The group specialises in increasing your understanding of individual markets, major events and how they can impact those markets.

Rather than taking an academic approach, we give insights into how markets behave in the real world, what the key drivers are and prevailing themes right now. Our clients come away with knowledge they can apply immediately rather than ideas that only work in a theoretical world.

We can help you with a full range of training and consultancy requirements whether you’re exploring a new market to trade and want to accelerate your learning curve or you’re an experienced trader looking for a better way to stay on top of the big picture. We can provide insight on the market fundamentals and drivers such as financial futures (both bond & STIRs), swap markets, government & corporate bond issuance (is it swapped?), index extensions, convexity hedging and much more. We also provide ongoing support with in-depth analysis and presentations on important coming events such as central bank meetings (Fed, ECB, BoE) and major political change including market expectations and positioning.

Delivery of Market Intelligence & Consultancy is via in-house presentation by our experts on your premises.


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