Bank of Canada (BoC) Meeting Schedule

The full calendar of scheduled meetings for the Bank of Canada (BoC) is outlined below.  Bear in mind that it is theoretically possible, in extraordinary times, for the BoC to hold extra, emergency meetings on top of this schedule.

The BoC holds 8 scheduled meetings per year, approximately every 6 weeks, to discuss and set monetary policy.  The policy decision is normally announced at 10:00 EDT on a Wednesday.

At four of these meetings (typically in January, April, July and October), the BoC also prepare and publish the Monetary Policy Report (the “MPR”) which includes the BoC’s latest economic forecasts.  For these four meetings, the BoC Governor then holds a press conference after the announcement of the policy decision, normally starting at 11:15 EDT.

BoC speakers observe a blackout period for a week before the policy announcement.  Assuming the announcement is on a Wednesday as usual, then the blackout starts on the prior Wednesday.  The blackout ends either (a) after the release of the policy decision and statement or (b) if there is a post-announcement press conference, after the start of the press conference at 11:15 Eastern Time.

For more details on blackouts, see our central bank blackout summary.


MonthDayMeet TypePress Conf?
January18thPolicy Meet & MPRY
March1stPolicy Meet
Arpil12thPolicy Meet & MPRY
May24thPolicy Meet
July12thPolicy Meet & MPRY
September06thPolicy Meet
October25thPolicy Meet & MPRY
December6thPolicy Meet