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Beckner: FOMC On Course For 4th Rate Hike, Provided Things Don’t Worsen

President Trump continues, indefatigably, to turn up the heat on the Federal Reserve, but Fed officials have given no indication his harsh criticism will cause the independent central bank to diverge from its plan to keep gradually raising interest rates.

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ITC – Volume Activity Charts (VAC)

The Volume Activity Charts (VAC) is a tool developed by InTouch Capital Markets to assist with technical analysis. It provides a new overlay to complement more traditional technical analysis techniques by highlighting key areas of recent high volume trading activity. InTouch Capital Markets use VAC as one input into its more comprehensive technical analysis product – the Technical Dashboard - that we produce daily for our Fixed Income clients (sample at bottom – VAC added on the top right)

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ITC – FX spec position: Not buying it

According to the latest CFTC report on IMM positions, there was no overall trend for the US dollar in the week to Tuesday, October 2. • EURUSD’s fall from above 1.1800 to 1.1500 in the week covered attracted fresh EUR buying. Shorts were maintained, but the net demand resulted in a reduction in the overall short position by EUR610mn to -EUR10.2bn.

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ITC – French 10y, 16y and 30y Auction Preview

France is selling a slightly elevated €8-9bn mainly because waiting in the wings is the exceptionally large redemption and coupon payment on Oct 25. A large chunk of the €28bn redemption (coupons do not get reinvested) will be held within the PSPP portfolio and so will need to be reinvested by the ECB back into the French market in the two month period after the redemption.

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